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Luvv Hand-casting Kit

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Our plaster hand casting kit is a great way to preserve your memories in time, and capture the fine details from your hands that you will always treasure.  

Great for graduation, birthday, anniversary, engagement or baby shower gift. The hand hold casting kit is a fun way to create lasting memories.   

Our kit is the most complete hand mold kit available on the market. You will receive a large hand casting bucket, step 1 alginate molding powder, step 2 casting powder, practice step 1 alginate molding powder, practice step 2 casting powder, two protective masks, a pair of latex-free nitrile gloves, sandpaper, a wood detailing stick, a safety pin, a plastic de-molding knife, bronze acrylic paint, clear sealant, a paint brush and detailed instructions.


This kit provides the materials to create the following castings: 2 adult hands, 1 adult and 1 child, 2 to 3 children, or 1 adult and one pet paw!

Bronze acrylic paint and clear sealant are included with your kit to create a great finish for your casting! The clear sealant will seal and protect your casting which is very important if it will be handled by many.

We truly hope you have a great time with our casting kits. 

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