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LuvvLock™️ Key And Lock Bracelet


We invented LuvvLock™️ to be a symbol of your never-ending love, a love that will endure for all of time, protected under key and lock.

With a extraordinary design, the LuvvLock™️ comes with a bracelet and matching necklace, created for couples to lock their bond together. The polished silver-plated stainless steel band bracelet features 2 shimmering stones on either side of the solid heart-shaped clasp. The matching silver-plated stainless steel necklace sets the key to unlock the heart-shaped clasp in a solid modernly-styled rectangular pendant.

Make A Statement

This set makes a statement to others but holds a secret meaning only you and your loved will ever know. What does this piece of jewelry mean to you?

Give your partner either the key necklace or the matching lock bracelet so you can both wear a piece of the matching set that only unlocks** when both people come together. The absolute perfect gift for couples for an anniversary, holiday, birthday, or any occasion that deserves such a meaningful gift!  

  **Don't worry, when you lose the key you can still open it in a secret way

LuvvLock Key And Lock Bracelet

Lock your love into place and intertwine your hearts forever. With your love under lock and key, nothing will separate your souls. It’s the perfect unique, creative, and romantic gift for your sweet love on any occasion. Surprise her for her birthday, a milestone anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or simply just because you know you can’t live without each other.

*Note - If key is lost, you can still open it, don't worry.


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